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Make $10K-$30K/mo
Giving Away $100

You can now earn up to $10k-$30K per month, by helping businesses generate more profits. 

With the start of a new year, businesses are looking for innovated ways to INCREASE income and a way to automatically capture their customer's information.  

With BusinessTRAK businesses can offer merchants a way they can offer THEIR customers $100 Guaranteed Hotels Savings costing $3 or less.

Using this promotion, businesses can stop discounting and do not need to slash their profits in order to incentivize customers.

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How This Promotion Can Help Businesses

Businesses can now offer past, current, and future customers and/or clients up to $100 in GUARANTEED Hotel Savings they can use at 1,000,000 worldwide hotels and resorts, that’s BELOW the prices shown on Expedia, Priceline, and others.  If the business wants the customer’s data (who wouldn’t?), the cost is $2.99.  If they don’t, it’s $0.99 per coupon.

This Is The Real Deal. 

Consumers have nothing to join, no blackout dates, no travel restrictions, no timeshare presentations to attend, and NO, it’s NOT an MLM. 

No Gimmicks.  Just Savings! 

A Powerful Business Promotion

Use As A Customer Loyalty Gift

A Free-Gift With Purchase

An Employee Incentive

An Employee Incentive

A Closing Tool

Member/Employee Benefit

Incentive For Getting Data

A Closing Tool

Member/Employee Benefit

Incentive For Getting Data

Increase Walk Ins

Increase Return On Investment

Incentive For A Purchase Value

The Cost? Under $3

The Cost?
Under $3

Business can use this high-value promotion as a customer loyalty gift, a free-gift with purchase, an employee incentive, a closing tool, an additional member/employee benefit, a way to increase traffic (foot or views), a way to increase the ROI (traffic) on any marketing/advertising, AND a way to collect their customers’ information (email).

You Get Paid 2 Ways


PLATINUM PLAN (data capture)   
$99 one-time setup. 
Platinum Plan members can purchase unlimited coupons priced from $2.99 to a low of $0.99 each based on quantity.     

20% on the revenue generated from each of your Platinum Plan purchases PLUS 20% on all reorders. 

Sales Managers 2nd Tier Overrides:
10% on the gross sales from each salesperson you manage plus 10% on all reorders.



$49 one-time setup. 
Business Plan members get access to unlimited coupons 24/7. with prices starting at $0.99 to a low of $0.45 each (based on  quantity.)

 10on the revenue generated from each of your Business Plan PLUS 10% on all reorders.


How You Can Market

EVERY BUSINESS is looking for the easiest way to attract and capture customer information.  Data Capture Pro can do without even asking for less than $3 per contact.   

You can do this in several ways: 

Social Media Marketing

Join groups on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Then post ads to those groups.  However, you need to know TWO important things. 

1) You only want to join ACTIVE GROUPS
2) You need to pay attention to their rules.  Some groups don’t allow links in a post, so you will need to check carefully before you start joining tons of groups.  We even have short video “reels” that you can use along with your referral ID.  Here’s an example of a text ad:

“This $3 Promotion Can Dramatically Increase Profits for ANY BUSINESS – click for details.”

Your objective is to get people to click your ad containing your referral id that’s directed to our landing page, tagging you to the prospect.

You can print small black/white business cards (see images), that contain a QR with your referral id, then distribute them to every business you come across – especially restaurants and auto dealers.  This is PERFECT FIT for both – especially restaurants.  The QR code contains your BusinessTRAK tracking code to what we call a "short.io" that is included within each partners tracking ID. 

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Share This Video

Watch this video and learn how you can open MORE DOORS to business owners simply by using Data Capture Pro as an ICE BREAKER, by first showing any business how Data Capture Pro can capture their customer’s information, even without asking for it.

Who Wouldn’t Want To Learn More? 

Get Access To Extensive Training

Once you become a Partner and your account is approved, we will provide you with your own tracking link that you need to add to all your ad messages for the commissions to be tracked correctly.  You will want to join our new Facebook Partners page to get access to promotion tools such as image ads, word ads, and short video reels you can add on social media.   You will get more when you join our Facebook group. 

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