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Affiliate Training Page 

Thank you for signing up as an affiliate. This page contains all the resources you’ll need to promote our products to earn commissions. Please make sure you review the guidelines carefully and bookmark this page to ensure that your commissions are correctly tracked.

Step 1:
Understanding Your Short Link and Free Codes

After your affiliate account is approved, we will send over a unique tracking link and a .csv file via email. This link is extremely important, as it helps us track what sales were made through your account. 

The tracking link will look something like this:

Notice how the #referralID portion is highlighted in the link above. This is due to the fact that the link needs to be used WITH the correct identifier at the end in order for our system to recognize your account.

Your tracking link can be used to share the promotion on social media digitally, or you can also print the QR code (we will provide) on business cards/postcards. This will be explained more in detail in the section below.

Your free coupon codes will be sent in a csv file alongside your tracking link. 

There are a few steps that you need to go through to use your codes:

Step 1: Open https://leadcapture.us/100 and add the product to cart.

Step 2: Go to cart and add your coupon code in the "coupon" section.

Step 3: Fill out the checkout form with the PROSPECT's details, i.e. name, email, phone number etc. 

Step 4: Click on "Add a Note" and enter your name in there so that we can identify that this prospect came from you. This is very important.

Step 5: You can now check out. Your prospect will receive a savings plan with instructions on how to redeem it instantly.

If a customer removes the end of your tracking URL by entering https://www.wholesaletravel.info or something else, they will not be redirected to our site.

The tracking link ensures that the customer is linked to you, so that you receive the commissions correctly.

When a customer opens your tracking link on their browser, a cookie is stored that allows our tracking algorithm to assign the customer's sales to you. This cookie is valid for up to 365 days.

Step 2:
Learning How To Market

Now that you’ve understood how your tracking link works, let’s talk about the different ways you can market.

This promotion fits ALL TYPES of businesses. First, decide what vertical market you want to target. Restaurants, AutoDealers, Retail Stores, etc. You can learn more about the different types of industries and how we can help them by clicking here.

Here are some of the ways you can market this promotion:

Step 3: 
Monitor Statistics

You can also log into your private dashboard to track clicks and commissions in real-time. This useful data can help you tweak your marketing strategies in case you are not getting the results that you wish to achieve.

We have a variety of videos that you can use to attract businesses. You can view them by clicking here.

Follow the instructions listed on the video page to ensure that your commissions are being tracked correctly.

You have 2 options:

  1. You can join groups on social media and use our videos/reels there.
  2. Or you can look into paid advertising on Facebook to get the fastest results.

Either way, it is EXTREMELY important that you don't spam. If our systems detect spam coming in from a certain affiliate, their account will automatically be banned. Pay extra attention to group rules before posting.

You can also go door to door to businesses in your area, speak to a key decision maker and explain the promotion. This is perhaps one of the most effective ways to sign up businesses.

We can also provide you with designs for  business cards and postcards.

These designs will contain your QR code, leading to more information about the promotion. If the business chooses to sign up for a membership, they are linked to you.

We also have several email lists that you can obtain for an additional fee, which you can use alongside mailing tools such as Mailchimp, GetResponse etc. 

You can send prospects our videos, or write a brief overview about our company with YOUR tracking link to get more details. Once they click on the link and sign up, they are automatically linked ot you.