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Easy Money

We have something EVERY BUSINESS NEEDS – a hands-free way to capture customer name, email, cell, and up to 4 additional questions, WITHOUT ASKING.

Once the business has their information, they can market to their customers whenever they choose – FOR FREE.  Simple, Easy, and Hands-Free. 

Your job is to simply show this to business owners – either in person or by distributing and/or mailing postcards to them.  

You’ll earn 30% commission the first month ($58.50) and 15% ($29.25) each additional month (residual income) when they activate their subscription for $195/mo.     

Data Is King

The Number One Thing Every Business Wants Is Their CUSTOMER DATA

We can help them get it.

We can help them get it.

Every smart business owner knows how valuable it is to have their customer's data, which enables them to market to them whenever they choose. 

With Data Capture Pros marketing system, most high-volume businesses can now offer their customer up to $100 in GUARANTEED Worldwide Hotel Savings, below the prices listed on Expedia, Priceline, and others - FOR FREE, in exchange for their customer's name, email, cell, and up to 4 more questions the business wants to know.

To get this information, business simply displays to small signs (see examples above) in prominent locations that offer their customer this free gift by simply scanning the QR Code (which is linked to the business) and have them enter their information from their cell phone.

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How It Works

Once the customer has entered their information for the free gift, they will receive an email on how they can redeem it.  At the same moment, their information will be added to the business owners' online account, where they will have the opportunity to download the information and use it to market to their customers for free any time they choose. 

Business owners (merchants) are charged a small monthly fee of $195 which gives them the opportunity to attract customers by offering them up to $100 Hotel Saving Coupons to shop at their store.

They can give away as many $100 Hotel Saver Gifts as they want.  Now, when the business wants to use the data, they pay a one-time fee of $1.95 for each contact they download.

It's an easy and hands-free way of increasing traffic by offering this HIGH-VALUE Travel Incentive to attract customers and collect valuable data.  

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The Job:

You have 2 Options

The job is simple.  You can walk into any high-volume business (like coffee, pastry, sandwich, and/or smoke shops) and ask one question:  "We have created a hands-free way to increase profits AND capture your customers name, email, and cell, without asking for $1.60 or less.  Would like to see how it works?" (We will provide you the script on what exactly to say).

If they say Yes, show them  pictures of the easels (like the ones shown above) and show them how easy it is.

If they don't have time, you simply hand them a postcard (WITH YOUR QR Code on it) and tell them to scan the code to learn more.   If they scan the code and order, you will earn a commission (minimum of $120). 

Working about 4 hours a day, you should easily average about $1200 a week.


Postcard Front


Postcard Back

You can also post our ads in active Linkedin business groups, or on Facebook and/or Instagram active groups. 

The Money


Sales Agent (no monthly cost) receive their own QR tracking code that they can print on business cards and distribute to merchants they speak with.  Once a merchant scans the QR, they are linked to you, so that if they order after you leave, you will still get paid.  Sales Agents also receive digital images (showing examples of store displays that they can print and add to a binder to show business owners how it works (along with training materials).   Sales Agents earn 30% ($58.50) when the sign up and 15% ($29.25) for each additional month they continue to use the platform. 

Once you sign up, download and print a one page word document that you show business owners a quick snapshot of how it works, you should easily be able to setup at least 2 new accounts per day. (that's $1170/wk (about $5000/mo). The next month,if you do the same,could earn $5000 for your current month, PLUS residuals of 50% from your previous month.  It just grows month after month.

Marketing Managers ($95 monthly fee).  Marketing Managers earn the same as the Sales Agents for starters.  However, Marketing Managers have two huge benefits, 1)  Theyl have the ability to build a team of Sales Agents and earn 10% override on each of their orders for the first month PLUS 5% for each additional month. 

If Marketing Manager recruits just 10 Sales Agents for the entire month, who generate just 40 orders per month (about 1/2 of what was mentioned above), the Marketing Manager will earn an additional $7,800 in overrides in the 1st month PLUS 5% for each additional month (about $3900).  2) You will be provided with a full back-office that will track all the clicks/sales from you as well as everyone on your team.   

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