Data Capture Pros

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from our consumers. 


DataCapturePros has partnered with a private travel club to help them to promote the club by offering consumers "substantial savings" up to $100 that is GUARANTEED TO BE BELOW the prices listed on Expedia, Priceline, and others.

To get these savings, customers are asked to scan a QR code and submit their information such as Name, Email and Phone Number. This data is VERY useful to businesses, who can utilize the data to market to consumers that have already been in their store!

Merchants have two options. They can:

  • Give away these savings for free by becoming a Merchant Partner for $195/month. There is NO extra work for the merchant. All they would have to do is print the artwork we send them and put it into the easels we provide. The consumers do the rest.
  • Merchants can also DOWNLOAD the customer data through their private dashboard, for under $2/lead. Once they have the data, they can easily remarket to them for free at any time they choose.

As part of the Travel Club Promotion, consumers maybe contacted by the Travel Club about their experience and are given an opportunity to get deeper discounts and more benefits, but are not required to join anything.

There is NO commitment and businesses can cancel their membership ($195/month) at any time they choose. Upon cancellation, the business will lose their ability to purchase stored data within their account and will have to sign up for a new membership to start promoting to customers again.

If a business wants the consumer data, they can download the leads at a cost of $1.95/lead from within their private dashboard. The business is NOT required to purchase the leads, it is completely their decision.

Coupon Questions

Here’s how it works. Businesses get to decide what spending threshold they want the customer to meet to get the $100 hotel savings gift. Once the customer meets the required threshold, the business can simply redirect them to scan a QR code on a 5x7 easel within the store. We provide these easels to businesses as part of their membership.
After the customer scans the QR code, they are asked to fill out a short form containing questions such as Name, Email, Phone Number, etc. The business can customize some of these questions in case they want to obtain additional data. Once the customer fills out the form, the coupons are emailed to their email address with instructions on how to redeem the savings.

If a customer's coupon is not working correctly, they can visit the link mentioned below or click the BLUE button on the bottom right at https://www.mytravelplanet.com

These coupons don't expire.  Once redeemed, the savings are valid for up to 2 years!

No, each coupon is valid for a one time use and cannot be combined.  When a user goes to redeem their coupon, they will have the option to upgrade to a $250 Hotel Savings Plan – for $12.50 (reg $25) or $500 Hotel Savings Plan - for $25 (reg $50).  This will be offered only one time.

The savings can be used at over 1 million worldwide hotels and thousands of five star resorts through the private booking engine.

You cannot use air miles or points.  The Hotel Savings do not include air.