Data Capture Pros

Pizza Box Manufacturers

Can Now Generate THOUSANDS
In Additional Revenue

By Helping Pizza Shops Increase Profits 

By Helping Pizza Shops
Increase Profits 

How Manufacturers Can
Increase Profits with No Work

Pizza Box Manufactures sell (and print) boxes.  Now they can sell more by offering their customers an option to increase profits without doing any more work, simply by adding OUR HOTEL PROMOTION on the top of the box.

No Additional Cost To Either. 
Only Additional Profits.

How It Works

The way it works is simple. All a pizza box manufacturer has to do is offer their customers how they can increase profits by simply adding a sticker to the top of each pizza box that they send out to customers. 

The ad contains details about an irresistible Hotel Savings Promotion that appeals to a WIDE audience.

We do all the work.  You just print and/or attach a label containing a different QR Code for each of your customers.  Once the consumer scans the QR code and makes a purchase, the transaction is recorded in each "back-office". 

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About The Hotel Promotion

We offer consumers the ability to save up to $500 on worldwide hotels BELOW the prices listed on Expedia, Priceline, and many others, for $50 or less.

Each of your participating Customers will receive 20% of the revenue and you will earn 10%.  The greater number of customers who opt-in, the more your company will earn. 

The Hotel Savings can be used at 1,000,000 worldwide properties for up to 2 years with NO GIMMICKS. JUST SAVINGS. There is nothing to join, no blackout dates, and no timeshare presentations to attend.

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What You Earn

We Pay 30% Profit Per Order.

Pizza Shops Earn 20%,

Manufacturers Earn 10%.

Everyone Wins. 

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