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Welcome Aboard

You are on your way to start generating a very easy and lucrative income geared to help any business grow.  

First, this is NOT A JOB.  It’s a business opportunity.  With that being said, some of the ways we will be describing, you may occur a cost (under $600 to get started – if you want the easiest way).  If you don’t have the money, but have time, we will show you that too.

What you’re about to experience is a “business-in-a-box” where you WILL make very serious money, fairly quickly –  over $10,000 per month and much more within 4-6 months – even less, depending on how serious you are and how much time/energy you’re willing to put in.,  

If you’re not willing to invest time or money, the go get an hourly job. This won’t be for you.  We only want to help doer, not a dreamers or a want-a-be’s.  Also note, in addition to the money, you can do this from anywhere in the world- it’s not hard.

We’ve created a fast and hands-free way where any business owner can attract more customer, increase profits, and most importantly capture the name, email, cell and more for their customers without asking or lifting a finger.

Let’s get started

Step 1:
Understanding Your Tracking Links

Once your account is approved and activated, (which should be if you’re seeing this page) you will receive three unique tracking links via email.  Two are URL’s and one will be a QR code.  These links are extremely important, as they track what clicks and sales were made through your efforts. 

The main tracking link will look something like this:

https://www.datacapturepros.com/#referralID (the referral ID is the two letters and two numbers you entered when you signed up). 

Notice how the #referralID portion is highlighted in the link above. This is due to the fact that the link needs to be used WITH the correct identifier at the end in order for our system to recognize your account- especially the “#”.

The 2nd is a SHORT URL and is discussed below.


Step 2:
Learning How To Market

Now that you’ve understood how your tracking link works, let’s talk about the different ways you can market.

Keep in mind, what we have developed is a HANDS-FREE WAY for businesses to attract customers, increase profits, AND provide them the ability to collect their customer’s name, email, and up to 4 additional fields of data WITHOUT ASKING.

The simplest way a business owner can get started is to insert one of 4 marketing promotional messages (that we will provide) in the 4 small 4″ x 6″ acrylic easels that are included once the account has been setup, and them in prominent areas within the business – (like where people place an order or pay).

It’s that simple

SHORT LINKS prevents a potential customer from removing the end of your tracking URL "#referral-ID".  If they do, you will not get credit for any orders.  So to ensure this won't happen, we are providing you with a special "SHORT-Link":  https://datacapture.info/id. that links to your main link.  This way,  businesses will not be able to go around you, ensuring you will earn if they order. Note: If they just enter https://datacapture.info, they will not be redirected to our site.

We will also be providing you with your own QR Code, providing you with an easy way for anyone with a "QR Code scanner on their cell phones", can scan and go directly to home page.  QR Codes are perfect to add it on any printed material you wish to show or distribute to customers, such as business cards, postcards, or flyers as they can easily scan your QR Code from their cell phones.  However, we highly recommend that you also include your  SHORT-ID if you post on social media, as some QR readers will not convert a QR code to a URL if it's displayed on the cell.  Adding both, is a good practice.  

Your tracking links can be used to share the promotion on social media digitally, or you can also print the QR code (we will provide) on business cards/postcards. This will be explained more in detail in the section below.

You have two options.

  1. You can go door-to-door in strip malls where you will find small independent (NOT MAJOR MALLS as You can also print postcards and go door to door to businesses in your area, speak to a key decision maker and explain the promotion. This is perhaps one of the most effective ways to sign up businesses.

We can also provide you with designs for the postcards.

You can also print postcards and mail them to businesses. 

Due to the high cost of mailing, we recommend either distributing these yourself to businesses or to hire a reliable individual to distribute them for you.

We will provide you with designs for postcards and can also send over a list of addresses for you to mail to.

These designs will contain your QR code, leading to more information about the promotion. If the business chooses to make a purchase, they are linked to you and you will receive a commission.

We have a variety of videos that you can use to attract businesses. You can view them by clicking here.

Follow the instructions listed on the video page to ensure that your commissions are being tracked correctly.

You have 2 options:

  1. You can join groups on social media and use our videos/reels there.
  2. Or you can look into paid advertising on Facebook to get the fastest results.

Either way, it is EXTREMELY important that you don't spam. If our systems detect spam coming in from a certain affiliate, their account will automatically be banned. Pay extra attention to group rules before posting.

We also have several email lists that you can obtain for an additional fee, which you can use alongside mailing tools such as Mailchimp, GetResponse etc. 

You can send prospects our videos, or write a brief overview about our company with YOUR tracking link to get more details. Once they click on the link and sign up, they are automatically linked ot you.

Step 3: 
Monitor Statistics

If you’ve signed up as a Marketing Manage, you can log into your private dashboard to track clicks and commissions in real-time. This useful data can help you tweak your marketing strategies in case you are not getting the results that you wish to achieve.

Script Samples:
Pitching The Idea To Businesses

Work 4 hours a day, earn $1100 and more per week showing business owners how they can easily attract more customers, while at the same time, capture their name and email address, and even their cell, without asking, enabling them to market to them whenever they choose, FOR FREE.

Not only is it fast, easy, hands-free, and totally affordable, but it put lots of money in your pocket, no matter where you live.

Ways you can market this.

  1. Door-to-door.

    Keep in mind, we have something EVERY BUSINESS WANTS (and needs), an easy way to attract customers into their store, especially without having to discount their product or service. Furthermore, they can also capture their customer's information WITHOUT even asking for it.   We have something NO ONE HAS.  NO ONE.

First step. 

You need to put together a small binder showing the pictures of the promotion we've created– SPEND $XXX,  GET BACK $100.  www.datacapturepros.com/easels. Here you will see 12 different vertical markets – i.e., coffee, pastry, sandwich shops, and more.  Right click the image and save it to your hard-drive. Then open a blank word document, and pasted one of the easels on one page.  Do this for all of them.  Then save the doc, and print the 12 pages, put them in plastic sleeves and into the binder.  This is your sales book. 

Second step.

Now go in the small independent shops (not chains) and talk to the manager/owner.  NOT DURING LUNCH or their busy times.  You need to figure that out. 

Your approach is very simple.  Say:  "Good morning, if you have a minute, I would like to show you a new way you can attract customers while at the same time, capture their name, email, cell, and even their birthdate, without asking them so you use this information to market to them for free whenever you choose.  Would you like know more or see how it works?  

If they say sure, then say,  "I need 5 minutes of your time.  Is there a good place where I can show you this amazing system?"

If they don’t have time, then leave them one of your postcards or business cards that contain YOUR QR code on it.  Tell them to simply scan the QR when they have a moment, so they can see what it's all about Be sure to get their business card (that contains their email address), then send a follow-up email that contains a digital postcard with your QR code on it (if you don't have a business card or postcard available).  You will want to follow up with these folks in a day or two.  Note, once they scan your QR code, they will be linked to you if they order… (unless another affiliate calls on them too).  The follow-up is very important.

Third Step - the presentation.

When you have their undivided attention, you will want to repeat your opening message.  "We have developed a way to attract customers while at the same time, capture their name, email, cell, and even their birthdate, WITHOUT ASKING. Then show them a picture of one of the EASELS that pertains them from your binder.  Then say.   Then say: "The way you can do this by offering your customers up to $100 in Worldwide Hotel Savings that’s below the prices showing on popular travel booking engines like Expedia, Priceline and all the others – FOR FREE – in exchange for providing their information.  It’s totally free, and there are no gimmicks, just savings.  There’s nothing to join, no blackout dates, no travel restrictions, and no timeshare presentations to attend.   

Tell them "You know, EVERYONE loves the opportunity of getting a high-value gift for free, especially when it comes to travel and saving money - wouldn't you agree?"

Now let me tell you how it works.

Once you’ve setup your account, we will provide you with 4 of these easels.  You can decide if you want to offer them the gift just for the asking or want them to make a purchase. It's up to you, however, you will want to say “Limited Quality or Limited Time Offer” which means they need to hurry up. 

All you need to do is just point them to the easel, and tell them just scan the QR Code and enter their information.  Once they do, they will receive an email for the gift and how to redeem it.  If you want require them to spend some money first, then you don’t want to put the QR code on a different easel, then show them a second easel (after they make the required purchase).

As soon as they submit their information it will appear in your online account.   When you ready to market to them, you simply download the data in excel, and add it to any CRM tool you like using, like Mail Chimp, Aweber, Constant Contact or any others.  

Now simply promote this FREE HOTEL SAVING GIFT everywhere to attract customers.  Think of how may customers you will get WITHOUT having to discount one dollar.


Now,  here’s the best part.  You can give away an unlimited number of Hotel Saving Gifts as  you want, for just $195 per month.  When you’re ready to market to them, you can download a few at a time or all of them at a cost less than $2 each.  That’s is.  You will NOT have to manually enter their information.  They do it for you.  How sweet is that.  You also know their email is correct, as the gift is emailed  to them, so they won’t mess that up.

Do you have any questions? 

Are you ready to get started?   If they say yes, have them YOUR QR Code on the bottom of any of the easels you have showed them, and ask them to scroll to the bottom and CLICK TO ORDER.  

Dear [Name],

We have created a promotion whereby ANY BUSINESS OWNER can easily attract AND CAPTURE consumer information (name, email, phone, and birthdate) WITHOUT SELLING ANYTHING. 

It is a great way to build your customer list with people who have actually BEEN IN YOUR STORE. Please feel free to reach out to me at [Phone] if you have any questions.

[Insert Business Referral Link Here]

[Your Name]

The coffee image is just an example,  The QR Code will be yours. 

The Phone Script


Are you the owner or manager?  If not, may I speak with them?

Q:  what is this in regards to? 

  1. We want to tell them about a new way they can now to easily attract customers, increase sales, and most importantly, a hands-free way to collect your customer’s name, email, cell number and up to 5 additional data points WITHOUT ASKING, so your business can market to them anytime you choose – for free.  Who should I be speaking with?” 

If they don’t have time, say.  No problem, may I send an email explaining this?  If they say yes, collect the email, then follow up in 2 days.

If they give the phone to the owner/manager, then say

Hi, my name is [  ].  We are contacting [ coffee shops] around the U.S. about an exciting new platform that can attract more customers, increase sales and most importantly, a hands-free way to collect the name, email, and up to 5 additional data points from your customers, without asking them for the information.

Would you like to know more? If yes, great.

It’s extremely simple.  You simply display a small easel with a graphic we will provide you with, where people order and at your register.  The graphic says: “Spend $10 and get up to $100 In GUARANTEED WORLDWIDE HOTEL SAVINGS For FREE.  Simply scan the QR Code below”.   

Once the customer scans the QR code on their phone, they enter the information you wish to collect, like name, email, cell phone, birthdate, city, etc.   Once they click submit, your customers will get the $100 Hotel Savings Gift and you will receive their information in your online account, that you can use to market to them whenever you choose.  They get the gift, you get the information, all for $1.60 per or less per contact.

Here's the best part.  You can give away as many of the $100 hotel saver gifts as you want for a flat price of $195.  There no contract and you can cancel at any time.  You will have access to your online account to see how many contacts are in your database and can download as many as you want when you’re ready, for just $1.95 each.   

May I send you some information and schedule a call back to answer your questions?

If yes, collect their email.

NOTE:  be sure that you send your prospect your special link, (https://datacapture.info/special-link) to the customer, so when they click it and/or place an order, you will be able to see the click and/or sale (not their name), in a your back-office (if you’re a Marketing Manager).

Follow-up call.

I would like to schedule a follow-up call in two days to answer your questions.  Would that be ok?  If you like you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click GET STARTED NOW

Once you place your order and your account is set up, you can give away as many $100 Hotel Saver Gifts as you choose – for free.   If you advertise, we suggest you that you can place a small message in any of your ads – that says “Get up to $100 in Guaranteed Worldwide Hotel Saving (with or without a purchase). Limited Time Offer”.  If you wish to offer this WITHOUT a purchase and just want to use it to build your customer database, just add your QR Code in the ad if you’re not requiring the customer to come in.  Your choice. 


We can provide you with an image like the one below that can include a QR Code for each of your sales agents (if you’re a Marketing Manager).  You can also add your inbound phone number too.   Note:  the image below belongs one of our Marketing Manager. 

Very rarely will you come across anything as powerful as this where you can easily earn $10,000+ a month fairly quickly. 

We have developed a way any business can now attract consumers, increase profits, and at the same time, capture their name, email, cell phone, and even their birthdate – WITHOUT asking.  Armed with this data, business owners can market to their customers AT ANY TIME THEY CHOOSE- FOR FREE.

How is this possible?

We provide Merchants (subscribers) the opportunity to offer consumers up to $100 in worldwide hotel savings, guaranteed to be below the price listed on Expedia, Priceline and all the others – FOR FREE, to get them IN THE STORE.  Once they come in, all the consumer needs to do is scan a QR Code and provide their information.  Once completed, the consumer has the gift, and the merchant has access to the data.

There are no limits to the number of gifts merchants can gift away.  This cost is a flat $195/mo. ($6.50 per day).

You earn 30% commission the first month ($58.50), then 15% residual commission thereafter ($29.25), as long as the merchant pays their subscription fee.  4 orders a day (20/wk.) you will generate $1100 per week.  The second month they renew, you will earn an additional $550 – month after month.  Learn more about the 4 ways you can market this (full or part-time) working from anywhere you live.

Click here to learn more (especially management opportunities): https://datacapture.info/special-url (must be setup in advance)

We can create the artwork when you're ready to either distribute or mail posts.  1000 is approx $95 delivered (plus postage ($.48 each postage).  You can choose any you want and the QR Code will assigned to you.   Here is an example: 


Back (its setup for stamp/label)