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Characteristics of A Compelling Promotion

It must be

It must be

It must appeal to

We Have A Promotion Millions Want

Guaranteed Travel Savings

You can use it for FREE to generate foot traffic or to capture their name and email (an exclusive lead) to use for future marketing purposes.

Learn How It Works

The Promotion is 100% Real

There’s nothing to join, no blackout dates, no travel restrictions, and no timeshare presentations to attend.

No Gimmicks!
Just Savings!

Information is King

Think about this.

Millions of business owners STRUGGLE with the simple task of collecting customer information. 

Having a SOLID customer list provides them the ability to market to consumers who have visited their establishment, at any time they want – FOR FREE. 

Sounds too good to be true?

Keep reading.

Capture Customer Data

To get the gift, all the consumer needs to do is come in, scan a QR code, and provide their name and email.  Once they hit submit, the consumer is emailed a coupon for the gift. 

You’ll have the option to capture their information too. 

It's Hands-Free

Simple place small graphics like these on tables, bars, counters, and shelves.  

2 Ways To Use The Promotion

Generate Traffic:  Unlimited Use for 30-Days, then $95/mo.

Generate Traffic AND COLLECT UNLIMITED DATE * (min name/email) $395/mo. 

* All the consumer data is stored in your online portal, where you can download it anytime.


When you become a DATA SUBSCRIBER, you will be able to offer unlimited gifts, COLLECT AND DOWNLOAD all the information generated from the gifts you’ve given away.

Once downloaded (.csv format) you will be able to upload the data into any CRM software application you have or use. Armed with this data, you will be able to market to the people WHO HAVE BEEN IN YOUR ESTABLISHING as often as you choose, for free.

Knowing the Objective

Your foremost objective is generating traffic and COLLECTING 

This works for Any Business

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