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Affiliate Program

If you can post ads or mail postcards then read this. 

We have developed a promotion where you can easily earn $1000’s a month in RESIDUAL INCOME WITHOUT Selling or Explaining ANYTHING. 

Simply put, Data Capture Pros can change your financial picture quickly no matter where you live.

A Short Overview

Generating Traffic

We have developed a way for businesses to generate traffic to their store or website by offering visitors a FREE $100 Hotel Saver Gift when they come in or visit your website. 

Everyone loves getting free things – especially those of high value.  Now they can.  Instead of promoting discounts, businesses can now offer consumers a FREE $100 Travel Gift by visiting their business.  When the consumer comes in, they are shown the promotion that includes a QR Code (or link) displaying a short questionnaire. 

Once completed, they can get the $100 gift for free or upgrade for more savings.

Data Capture

Businesses can not only generate traffic without the need to discount their product or service, using the hotel saver gift, but can also capture the names, email, and even the birthdays of those who received the gift without asking for their information or even needing to rekey their info into their computer. 

They can use this data to market back to the business anytime they choose, using email.  

For more information,  click here and watch the 90-second video that explains more. Also, be sure click the promotions tab on the nav bar.   

Cost:  $97 per month, with a 30-day free trial.

How to make a minimum of

$500 A WEEK*

working 2 hour a day - from anywhere!

Paid Weekly!

PART 1 – GENERATING Weekly Income.

Super Easy Side-Gig. 

This is very simple.  If you can post an ad, you can make money in your spare time.  Here's what you can earn.

All affiliates can make money by offering Data Capture Pros to any business AND by recruiting others to do the same. 

All commissions (business memberships or affiliates) are paid weekly.

Bronze and Silver Affiliates earns a one-time commission of 10% on the amount the new affiliate pays.  Gold Affiliates earn 20% in monthly residuals from any affiliate they recruit.  Gold+ affiliates earn 30% in monthly residuals, while  Platinum affiliates earn 40% in monthly residuals.

There is NO cold-calling or door-knocking. You don't even need a car.  You can work anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and a laptop.

Your job will be to share this opportunity with people looking for an easy way to generate money on social media.

You can do this by creating and posting in social media groups, creating videos on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin, or advertising on classified ad networks (there are over 100 that are mostly free or very low cost, like Craigslist.com, for example).

All recruiting commissions are  PAID WEEKLY. 

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PART 2 – GENERATING Residual Income.

Business owners can subscribe to DCP for $57/mo., and promote the $100 Hotel Saver Promotion as often as they choose vs. offering discounts.

Best of all, it can automatically generate their exclusive in-house email list too.  (Click here and watch the video to learn more about the promotion).

Bronze or Silver Affiliates will earn a one-time $67.50 commission with each new business account.  Gold receives a commission of 70% ($67.50) for the first month and 25% residual for each following month.  In addition,  Gold Affiliates will also receive a one-time commission of 20% ($19.40) for each business account their affiliates sign up. Gold+ earns the same, except they get monthly residuals on all their affiliate business accounts. 

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Once you sign up, we will assign a contact person to reach out to you and answer all your questions. 

Affiliate Types, Cost and Commissions

BRONZE Affiliate



Earn a one-time commission of $39.90, (70%) commission on every business membership at $57/mo.  

(paid weekly)

for each paid affiliate sign-up
(paid weekly).

NO Back-Office.

SILVER Affiliate



Earn a one-time commission of $39.90, (70%) commission on every business membership at $57/mo.  

(paid weekly)

for each paid affiliate sign-up
(paid weekly).

Back-Office Included.

GOLD Affiliate

Get Paid Weekly


(paid weekly)

Earns residual income – 70% ($39.90) 1st month, plus 25% in monthly residuals.  

Gold Affiliates earn a one-time commission of 20% on business accounts signed up by their team.


(paid weekly)

for each paid affiliate sign-up
(paid weekly).

Back-Office included.

GOLD+ Affiliate

Get Paid Weekly


(paid weekly)

Earns residual income – 70% ($39.90) 1st month, plus 25% in monthly residuals.  

Gold+ Affiliates earn 20% in monthly residual income on business accounts signed-up by their team.


(paid weekly)

for each paid affiliate sign-up
(paid weekly).

Back-Office included.

PLATINUM Affiliate



You can give away as any $100 Hotel Saver Gifts as you please,  collect the names and emails, then get paid from those you refer. 


Earn residual income – $39.90 (70%) for the 1st month, plus 25% in monthly residual income.  Platinum earns 20% in monthly residual income on business accounts signed up by their team.


for each new “paid affiliate” they sign up – paid weekly.  Back-Office included.


10 ways to market Data Capture Pros once you become an affiliate

Way 1


One way to find businesses (and/or affiliates for your team), is to advertise on sites like Craigslist in specific categories, or post ads in the GIG section (about $5-$10 per ad).

Remember, if you’re a GOLD+ affiliate, you will earn 30% of $195 for every month they renew.

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Way 2


Print postcards and either hand them out or mail them to business owners, especially like - like restaurants for example. (see www.datacapturepros.com/restaurants). Mailing postcards is great if you can't get out, want to work remotely (a digital nomad), or don't like talking to people.

You can get 1000 postcards printed and delivered for around $150 or less – delivered, (based on your zip). All you need are labels and postage ($.40 per postcard mailed 1st class). For $75 (one time fee) we will provide you with the graphics containing your affiliate QR code, that you can print/mail to target markets. We will even provide you the cheapest source where you can order brand new data for the markets you want to promote to.

Remember, each account you set up is worth $1200 per year. If you mail 1000 a month, and just 10 businesses sign up, you’re earning $1000 in residual monthly, the first month. Rinse and repeat (10 per month), and you’ve just doubled your income, working anywhere you choose, part-time, simply mailing postcards. Your kids can help you do this.

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Way 3


Email your business contacts with your link to a specific landing page like real estate for example (see www.datacapturepros.com/realtors). This is a GREAT way if you’re working on commission and have access to everyone in your company.  Simply email them a snapshot of what we do along with YOUR LINK.

This option provides an opportunity for them to generate their own 100% exclusive leads. If they work in teams, each team member can have one account, and print the QR on the back of their cards.

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Way 4


If you’re a GOLD+ affiliate (see above), consider targeting large business organizations such as chambers of commerce. If they become one of your sub-affiliates (especially if you’re a GOLD+ Affiliate), they will earn $39.90 for the 1st month and $14.25 in monthly residual income from every one of their chamber member.  (Note:  Their mission is to help business owners).

You will earn $11.40 in residual income from every account they generate.

You have the option to give them a FREE BRONZE AFFILIATE account.  If so, they will receive a ONE-TIME referral fee of $39.90 for each business that signs up using their affiliate link. If you’re a GOLD+ affiliate, you will get $14.25 every month.

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Way 5


Business owners who see the value but don’t have the money – (even after the 30-day trial) can sign up for a BRONZE AFFILIATE account starting for FREE. 

Once they have signed up (referred) just 5 subscribers @ $67.50 each, they will generate enough to pay for a monthly business subscription ($97/mo.) and their affiliate subscription ($195/mo.), totaling $284/mo.  

If they sign up as a Gold+ or Platinum Affiliate, they would be getting monthly residuals... by just referring 5 businesses who subscribe.

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Way 6


If you’re good in creating social media, then join targeted ACTIVE GROUPS and post different messages (at least 3 times a week), in each group. Look for groups that allow you to post videos and/or links. If they don’t, you will need to set up an auto-responder where you can ask them to DM (direct message) you for more info.

When someone responds, they can get more info along with your affiliate link. If you don’t know how to do this, get help. Post an ad on Craigslist in COMPUTER GIGS or find a VA (Virtual Assistant) on www.Upwork (very very cheap). Just post a free ad of what you want help with.

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Way 7


You can join groups, or search for specific targeted groups and send a connection request.  This may have just changed so the number of free account connection requests may differ. (It was 100 per week.) 

However, if you already have an active Premium Account and Sales Navigator, we can provide you with a few prewritten connect requests (or create your own) - how our program help them generate traffic and help them build their own in-house exclusive email list, all for $57/mo.

Once they connect with you, you can email them more information with your affiliate link.  Note that you can NOT send a link of any kind in a connection request (URL or email).  However, once they have connected to you, now you can provide them with more information, including your affiliate link. Reviewing “How to market using LinkedIn” on YouTube is a good idea before starting.

If you already have many connections and/or have been approved in many ACTIVE GROUPS, then it’s easy to reach them.  If you’re in real estate, then you could easily find brokers on LinkedIn and say. “I have a way you (and your agents) can generate 100% exclusive leads simply using the back of your business card. Connect with me for more information.” 

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Way 8


Help iTune artists where they can offer Data Capture Pros to anyone who downloads their music. The consumer will get the $100 gift and the artist will have their names/emails to tell them about new releases and/or concerts. Since iTunes pays artists for each download they generate, they will love the opportunity to collect customer data to promote their concerts and notify them if they haven't already subscribed. 

Way 9


Build a team of affiliates. If you’re a GOLD or GOLD+ Affiliate, or Platinum Affiliate, you will earn a commission with monthly residuals for each person you recruit who is an active payment subscriber.  There is NO COMMISSION paid upfront on Bronze or Silver Affiliates. 

If you become a Gold+ Affiliate,  your affiliates have the option to earn $1000’s (once they read how easy this is).  And YOU will earn $14.50 for every account they generate – without doing any work other than recruiting affiliates using your affiliate link.  One easy (and dirt cheap) way is to hire offshore virtual assistants (about $5-$8/hr.) who specialize in recruiting.

You can pay them hourly or on the number of people they send. You can also run ads on LinkedIn (some are free). People are looking for effortless side gigs that can generate much residual income (FORGET DRIVING UBER). This is stupidly easy.

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Way 10


If you’re a social media influencer, or know influencers, sign them up for a business account ($57/mo.) and let them promote Data Capture Pros on their channels. They can also do both – have a business account AND become one of your affiliates (if they add a business subscription). They can get data AND earn $39.90 for every business account they sign up; you will earn $11.40 (20%) without lifting a finger.

Frequently Asked Question


  • Postcard
    We can provide 2-sided postcard graphics that can target business (retailers, restaurants, etc.) that contain your QR code, name a phone. We will also provide a list of printers you can use. 500 postcards, delivered: About $125 delivered. Customization Fee: $75.
  • Ads you can post on classified ad networks (like Craigslist and more) and basic text ads for social media that you can use with your affiliate link for businesses and recruiting affiliates

Only if you convert your affiliate link to a Bitly (short link). You may NOT spam anyone that contains “DataCapturePro” in your link, or your account will be closed and commissions forfeited immediately.

Affiliate Commissions: Paid Weekly. Business Subscriptions, Paid Monthly. Note: There is a 3% fee on the amount we send you.

No. Data Capture Pros works worldwide. Consumers have access to 1,000,000 worldwide hotels and resorts and the website will converts to many different languages.

No. You can quit anytime be before your next billing cycle

Silver and above receive a back-office that shows the number of links clicked, the people in your team, and how much you’ve earned before commission payouts.

Yes. When an affiliate signs up, you will receive their information (name/email/phone). We strongly suggest that you contact them, introduce yourself, and tell them that you are the person will answer their questions. You are NOT ALLOWED to offer other opportunities. If we find out you have, you will lose all your affiliates and any residual income you’ve generated