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Under $3

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Restaurants Can NOW Get More Customers For Under $3

You can now offer your customers a $100 HIGH-VALUE, LOW-COST Travel Incentive that is sure to help increase your average ticket size and leave a positive review. 

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About The Promotion

Almost every individual loves to travel and is looking for a way to save money on their favorite destinations.

With that being said, restaurants can now give away up to $100 in GUARANTEED Worldwide Hotel Savings BELOW the prices listed on Expedia, Priceline, and others, to anyone you choose that they can use immediately at 1,000,000  worldwide properties.

There's nothing to join, no blackout dates, no travel restrictions, and no timeshare presentations to attend. 


You will be amazed how this promotion can dramatically increase the ROI on all your marketing efforts.

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How It Works

Place Postcard Size Table-Top Displays on Each Table.

Place Postcard Size Table-Top Displays on Each Table.

It’s as simple as placing a postcard size table-top displays on every table.  We will provide your Restaurant with custom artwork and where you can print your offer for 100 postcards for less than $70 delivered. 

This will incentivize customers to spend a specific amount of money you specify to get the $100 Travel Savings Reward.


Easily Collect Your Customer's Info

Easily Collect Your Customer's Information


Platinum Plan members now have the option to seamlessly collect their customer’s information if they are interested in receiving the Free $100 Hotel Incentive.  They can download the data whenever they choose and use it for any future promotions. 

Ways To Use This Promotion

There are several ways you can use this promotion:

Instead of discounting and slashing profits, Restaurants can use this promotion as an incentive to encourage more sales. 

By providing customers with a HIGH-VALUE incentive, restaurants can get positive word of mouth, thus maximizing marketing ROI.

Repeat business plays a major role in establishing a business's success. 

Restaurants can now give away this HIGH VALUE incentive FOR FREE to their customers, costing the restaurant under $3 ea.

The idea is to make your customers feel special. The more special they feel, the more times they return.

Restaurants also have the option of promoting higher purchases such as 

"Get A $100 in GUARANTEED HOTEL SAVINGS for FREE when you spend any amount you set at your restaurant".

That way, customers would be more inclined to spend more to get their hands on a HIGH-VALUE benefit.