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How Restaurants Can Generate Traffic AND Capture Customer Information Without Asking!

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Many restaurants struggle to attract and retain customers. Data Capture Pros makes it a breeze in today’s competitive market.

EVERYONE Loves Getting Something for FREE..


With Data Capture Pros, you can now offer EVERYONE a $100 high-value hotel saver gift for free, All they need to do come in.

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People LOVE FREE THINGS Especially When It Comes To Travel Savings!


...Especially When It Comes To Travel Savings!

When people see an ad offering a high-value TRAVEL GIFT, you will be sure you will pack your restaurant.

GET A $100 FREE HOTEL SAVER GIFT, guaranteed worldwide hotel savings. To get the gift, just come in. Limited Time Offer!”  

Now the question is: Do you just want traffic or would like to know who’s eating at your restaurant?

Customer Benefits

Nothing To Join

No Travel Restrictions

No Blackout Dates

No Blackout Dates

No Timeshare Presentation
to Attend

No Timeshare Presentation
to Attend

Able to Use Immediately

Good for 2 Years or Until
Used Up




Attract, Engage, and Generate Higher Profits

Happy Customers eating food in restaurants

With Data Capture Pros, you have the option to collect the information from everyone who has come in and received the gift, effortlessly. 

With this information, you have the ability to send out any type of promotion of your choice at a moment’s notice, using any type of CRM like MailChimp, Constant Contact and others, using email, saving you money on advertising costs.

Happy Customers eating food in restaurants

How It Works

With our hands-free solution, there is nothing to learn or explain.  Simply add a table-top display on each table.  You can create your own or use our template.  

If you wish to capture their information, just order LCS and add your special QR code to the image.  That’s it.  (To see what your guests will see when they scan the QR Code, click here.)

Once the guest scans the QR Code and submits their information, they will receive the gift within 5-minutes and their information will be in your LCS account.  At any time, you can download it and upload it to your CRM. enabling you to send any future promotions direct to your customers WITHOUT spending a dime.

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As stated, ALMOST Millions LOVE to travel AND SAVE MONEY on their favorite destinations.

If you only want traffic, you can offer the $100 hotel saver gift for free. You will be amazed how this promotion can dramatically increase the ROI on all your marketing materials.

However, with LCS you can capture up to 6 fields of information, saving you thousand on costly advertising.

Are you ready to take your restaurant to the next level? Sign up for Data Capture Pros today.

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