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DataCapturePros, working with a private travel club, can now provide consumers up to $100 in GUARANTEED Worldwide Hotel Savings BELOW the prices shown on Expedia, Priceline,and others FOR FREE that can be used at 1,000,000 worldwide properties.

Customer Benefits

Nothing To Join

No Travel Restrictions

No Blackout Dates

No Blackout Dates

No Timeshare Presentation
to Attend

No Timeshare Presentation
to Attend

Able to Use Immediately

Good for 2 Years or Until
Used Up




How To Use This Promotion

Businesses can simply offer this promotion to ANY new or existing customer FOR FREE instead of having to discount your product or services.  All they have to do is come into your store, scan a QR Code and enter their information.  It’s that simple.  

All you need to do is add a message like this in your ads: 

GET A $100 FREE HOTEL SAVER GIFT, guaranteed worldwide hotel savings.  One per adult.   Limited Time Offer.”    

Benefits Of The Promotion

Data Capture Pros provides a hands-free solution to effortlessly build the customer database for any business wanting customer information.

Once the customer submits their information, they will receive the gift immediately.  If you have ordered LCS, the data will be in your account. 

At any point, you can download the data (as a .CSV file) and upload it to any CRM system (like MailChimp, Aweber, Zoho, Monday, or many others), enabling you to send any future promotions direct to your customers WITHOUT spending a dime.

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Almost every individual loves to travel and is looking for ways to save money on their favorite destinations.

You will be amazed how this promotion can dramatically increase the ROI on all your marketing materials.