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Attract More Customers, Increase Profits, and Easily Collect Their Information for Future Promotions

Without Discounting!

You can now offer your customers a $100 HIGH-VALUE, LOW-COST Hotel Incentive that is sure to help increase your average ticket size and leave a positive review. 

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About The Promotion

How It Works

Place Postcard Size Table-Top Displays on Each Table.

Place Postcard Size Table-Top Displays on Each Table.

It’s as simple as placing a postcard size table-top displays on every table.  All the customer needs to do is scan the QR Code.  They get the gift, you get their information.  It’s easy. 

This will incentivize customers to spend a specific amount of money you specify to get the $100 Travel Savings Reward.

Easily Collect Your Customer's Info

Easily Collect Your Customer's Information

For a FLAT FEE of $395/mo. you will have access to everyone who came into your restaurant and scanned the QR Code for the $100 Hotel Saver Gift.   As soon as they click submit, they get the gift, and their information is added to your online account instantly where you can download the information whenever you choose and use it for any future promotions. 

Ways To Use This Promotion

There are several ways you can use this promotion: